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The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!

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UK Unemployment And Redundancies Down… Another Positive Sign

Bretts Property Rant - Property News for Property Investors. Topics Covered in Todays Property Rant videoRedundancies down to 11 per 100k from 12.3Buyer Demand is way upCladding Still an issueDebt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space) $%?&Council LicensingOutdated

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UK Property Market

UK Property Market: Finishing On A High and Looking Good in 2021

UK Property Market Has Survived A Brutal 2020 Pandemic. What Can We Look Forward Too In 2021?UK Property Market 2020 was tough but it was not so bad as what

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UK News

Three-tier COVID Restrictions For England

Choose a strategy that would meet the market to make money There are opportunities everywhere, but there may well be reasons why growth won’t be? There's lots of that as

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UK Economic Recovery

What Can Consumer Spending Stats Tell Us About the UK Recovery In September 2020

"Zombie" companies are multiplying in the uK they say. Is it good or bad for the economy? More media is talking about UK Zombie companies that may kill off any

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3 simple questions before you believe the BS

The 3 Simple Questions to Ask Before You Believe the BS About UK Property In Sept 2020!

Yep, Just 3 Questions to Ask While reading any article, any prediction, any opinion, Any Claim on property. So three simple questions that I use, before I believe any BS,

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Ezytrac Landlord Update 29Jun20

Things are largely back to normal right now and man agents are talking about house prices increasing which is totally surreal... but alas... so is the financial markets and in

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UK Property Investor

Will Manufacturers Leave China In Droves?

Is it practical for manufacturers to move away from China in droves, or is this just an emotive knee-jerk reaction to the current situation. Today's we'll discuss the likely outcome

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UK Property Investors

Is China The Posterboy for Recovery?

China is out of lockdown but has the economy really kicked back into superdrive. This is an economy that has never seen negative growth let alone recession. Could this be

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UK Property Investors

Coronavirus & Property – Is A 35% Drop Into Recession REALLY Likely?

Wow, the Office of Budgetary Responsibility (OBS) gave one of their predictions as a 35% drop on the same day others predicted 13% with a bounce. Is it possible, likely

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UK Tenants

Why Tenants Should go to Gov.Uk and Claim their Entitlements

Find out what you can do if you are affected because of Coronavirus (Covid-19) For all Brett's Coronavirus resources ​Video Transcription: Hey guys Brett here group managing director of

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UK Property Investors

Is A Post-Corona Recession Inevitable? Coronavirus & Property Investment with Brett

It's all seems far to likely given the shutdown of so many economies but are we really heading down this track or can we restart on queue. Press PLAY if

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