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Furnishing Buy to Let Property

Is it worth furnishing your buy-to-let property?

How to weigh costs against income to estimate bottom line profits

After reading my last two articles, you’ll probably be feeling energised by the prospects of letting your buy-to-let investment as a furnished property. You could benefit from a higher demand for your property, higher rents, shorter void periods, and higher rental profits. On the flip side, to unlock this potential there’s an upfront investment to be made. Then there’s the cost of maintenance and replacement. Read More

Should you furnish your BTL property?

The pros and cons of furnishing a property to rent

An investment property should be your ticket to a better life. It gives you this by providing the cash flow to pay for the things you want to do. If you hire a good investment property manager to do all the day-to-day work for you, you’ll have the time to do those things, too. The question to answer is how to maximise your rental income profits. Read More