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UK Property Investment News

Investment News – Where are the Mayor of London’s opportunity areas in Vision 2020?

Vision 2020

So there is some confusion about the actual opportunity areas that are contained in Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London's, 33 opportunity areas and 10 areas of intensification. To understand them fully, and I don't suggest you read the 1000 odd pages of the London Plan where they come from, stick to the Vision 2020 plan, it's a much more readable plan. Read More
UK Property Investment News

Investment News – Germany pulls out of the euro

OK, so it's a sensationalist headline and hasn't actually happened.

But it may not be as unlikely as it seems if you consider the options open to the euro given what's going on right now. Many pundits tip Greece pulling out of the euro, but while reading some less reputable news sites I've heard some rumours about Germany and possibly even France planning a retreat from the Euro also.

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UK Property Investment News

Property Investment News to wrap up the week.

Property Investment News - February 2011

The RP Data-Riskmark Home Value Index was released this week so I thought I'd give my two cents on what all this means. If you've been reading my blogs you'll know all about my 7-10 x 7-10 property investment strategy. It's based on the biggest assumption that we make in property - that it will double every 7-10 years (as long as you invest in areas with good, solid fundamentals). Now there has been a tonne of speculation in the media about how Aussie house prices will hold up long term against the GFC as well as the recent spate of market change, flooding and cyclones. Read More
UK Property Investment News

Investment News – A property market turnaround in 3 weeks

Investment News -

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break. In the past few weeks I've noticed pretty much only positive news in the press and it really seems like we've hit the turning point of the property news cycle. It's amazing the difference 3 weeks can make. Great news for property investors! Read More
UK Property Investment News

Property Investment News – Property development market: stock is drying up

Property Investment News - Stock Drying up,

This week's the UK and International Property Investment News update is our first outside broadcast brought to you directly from the snow drift outside our offices in Islington. Only half the office made it in today, so we had a bit of fun playing in the snow. You'll see the results at the end of the video (hint: look for the YPC Snowman). Read More