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UK Property Prices

Is the tide of property prices turning in the UK’s regional cities?

Here is why regional city property prices could now outshine London

If you want to know which cities in the UK might offer the best property investment opportunities over the next four or five years, new research by Hometrack could offer some answers. It also agrees with what our analysis has been telling us: that regional cities are making a strong comeback in the property investment stakes. Read More

Are London property prices about to trend up again?

First-time buyer numbers point to a healthy 2018 for London property investment

One of the significant seven signs that UK residential property is ripe for investment in 2018 is an increase in first-time buyers and house starts. In fact, when coming out of a slow period, this number is one of the first indicators of a trend reversal. The latest news from the London property market shows first-time buyers are on the rise in a big way in the capital – and this is before the reduction in the stamp duty for first-time buyers took effect. Read More

Look at history to analyse property prices Post-Brexit

Should you buy property in the UK after an economic shock?

Without a doubt, the vote for Brexit was an economic shock. Many experts are predicting doom and gloom. Some are saying that the country will enter a full-blown recession. As I discussed in my last article property investment blog 'After Brexit, what should property investors do?' Even the opinions of property experts are divided between boom and bust and effective investment research is key. Read More