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Developer Loan Notes

Developer Loan Notes- Are they worth a look

Video Transcription: I wanted to encourage you to look at a thing called developer loan notes. I think really what they are, and they’re a new style investing for most of us and it’s come about via two things really. Which is number one, crowdfunding and all the crowdfunding activities that’ve been going on, which really […]

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2019 Trends

3 Biggest Trends in 2019

Video Transcription: The three biggest trends for the back end of 2019. So I think the first thing is Brexit. And I think that, and I’ll be a bit different, I’ll say it a bit different than what most people and most of the media is saying. The first thing is Brexit. Whether Brexit happens or […]

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Property Trends

What Do American Property Trends Mean for UK Property Developers?

5 Residential Trends That the UK Is Likely to Import Property trends often dictate the types of property that UK property developers build. Often, these trends evolve from the shifting needs of residents and homebuyers. By understanding these trends as they take shape, developers are likely to build the homes that people want in the […]

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Buy to Let Property

How to reduce your buy-to-let costs

Strategies to maximise profits by reducing your costs as a landlord In our last article, we introduced you to the range of costs that a landlord might face. Some are mandatory, with little scope to reduce them. Fortunately, the mandatory costs (EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, and ICO registration) are only a total cost of around […]

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UK Property Investment

Introducing the Effect of Schools and Education on Property Prices

Why You Should Invest in Property near Education Establishments When you invest in property, you want to invest in a location that will offer both income and capital growth potential. In other words, a location that is likely to attract tenants and homebuyers, now and in the future. Competition from prospective tenants puts upward pressure […]

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Crossrail delivers more than fast services to Southall

Is Southall Waterside the most irresistible location in London? Crossrail is coming to Southall, but if you think the result is limited to faster services across London and to Heathrow you should think again. Crossrail has catalysed regeneration here. ‘Little India’ is being transformed, with some of the most ambitious and exciting developments in London. […]

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Southall Property Investment

Southall – a beacon of house price growth in London

Could the affordability gap between London and Southall property disappear? In 2015, JLL produced some very interesting research. In it, JLL made house price growth forecasts for Crossrail locations. Southall was high up the list, with price growth of around 46% predicted between 2015 and 2020 compared to JLL’s forecast of house price growth of […]

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Brexit has created a buyers’ market in London property

Why you should invest now and buy Southall property As we draw toward a close in the Brexit debacle (or not, as the case may be), new data has emerged to suggest the buy-to-let market is strengthening in the UK. This is especially true in London, which has regained its position as the major location […]

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Southall – where you will find some of the best restaurants in London

Your favourite cuisine within a stone’s throw of Southall’s residents Southall is a location where people get to do what they love best without the need to travel – eat out. This often neglected area of London is becoming known as a great place to visit for a great lunchtime or evening meal. Residents here […]

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Southall – one of London’s safest locations for lifestyle living

The rest of London is getting jealous of Southall At a time when London is (unfairly) gaining a reputation as a crime capital, people are becoming more concerned about their personal and property safety than ever before. Families want to bring their kids up in a safe area, without the fear of violent crime hanging […]

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